Ladders & Platforms

Like a trusty set of hand tools, it’s important to have a quality ladder ortwo on hand to change light bulbs, mount art or televisions, install shelving or clean out the gutters. And while the majority of your needs and quick fixes are within reach, there are a variety of occasions when an extra boost or help with a higher climb is necessary.

Four major points to consider when selecting a ladder are the kind of activity involved, the demands of the application, the height of the ladder necessary to work from a safe position and the material from which the ladder is made. Ace Hardware has a wide range of ladders made from aluminum, fiberglass or wood to give you the lift, solid construction and access you need.

Our ladders come in a variety of adjustable heights that can accommodate both flat and uneven surfaces. And if you’re seeking a more permanent solution to accessing overhead garage or home storage Ace carries several top-rated folding and telescoping (sliding) models. For more information check out our guide on finding the right ladder.